About Us

Peter’s Metals was established in 1996 and is situated in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. The founder, Pieter Smuts, is the creative and passionate drive behind the business. He initially studied law at the University of Johannesburg. Subsequently Pieter changed his profession to gratify his love for creative metal work, studying under a master German metalsmith.

Studying abroad in Paris, Pieter was bemused by the beautiful decorative balustrades of the Haussmannian style apartment buildings of Parisian architecture and hence deepened his creative knowledge. Pieter, returning to South Africa applied his inspiration from these intricate decorative art forms to his private and public commissions to create astounding balustrades, chandeliers, gates and lights.

Furthermore he is continuously inspired by contemporary African- and international creative metal trends, which he applies to his skilled metal art form. His work can be found in private residences, state residences and office parks throughout Africa as well as on an international scale. Our metal studio produces metal works which is custom designed and skilfully handcrafted by using traditional methods of forging iron rather than casting iron.