Our Products

Balustrades and handrails

Peter’s Metals tailors unique balustrades for your home and business, according to your personal preferences. We offer an extensive range of styles, from classical favourites to modern themes.


 All of our balustrades are coated to prevent rust, and are built to withstand the test of time.


Gates and Security

Peter’s Metals are masters of wrought iron, and one can expect nothing but the best regarding our products.


Over many years, we have forged many great driveway gates suited to our client’s needs and desires. We are more than capable of creating strong, quality gates to compliment your home as well as protect it. Each product is fitted carefully to increase strength and dexterity. We offer swing gates as well as sliding gates.


Peter’s Metals can also provide fencing solutions which complements your home’s features and we manufacture security gates for the internal and external use of your home. Peter’s metals furthermore provide burglar bars to protect your loved ones and in addition beautifies your home.


Lighting and chandeliers

Often a chandelier can do wonders to a home, so can our custom range of lights. Make your home light up with our range of unique wall mounted lamps, chandeliers, candelabras and garden lights.


In addition to lighting, we also offer a variety of other services such as signage, wrought iron trellis, frames for mirrors, curtain rails, brackets and much more.


Copper & Brass

Some of the most recent work we have done with copper and brass




Steel Structures & Decorative Steel Work

This conservatory was created by Peters Metals